What is the goal of exercise? Or is it simply its own goal?


While out on my road bike yesterday I had lots of time while pedaling through a hilly, 18-mile course to ponder the question, why do I exercise? For me that answer is multi-faceted: For longevity, a better quality of life, to look better, to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility, to have more energy especially for my young, 9 and 11-year old daughters. But there’s more. I have been faithfully dedicating myself to this regimen of exercise for so long that it has actually become something I enjoy for itself. In other words the means has become the end. But not completely. Once a year I spend 2 weeks trekking through the Andes Mountains in Peru working side-by-side with indigenous Quechua missionaries in the work of New Testament distribution. As you may imagine, trekking from one Quechua village to another in the Peruvian Andes requires great endurance and cardio-vascular capacity. So my exercise regimen indeed has a spiritual component. I recently uploaded a short, 11-minute video of our trek through the Cordillera de Huayhuash last June. You may view it by clicking this link. 


About gregrummo

Renaissance Man, Fitness Devotee, P90X (5X), P90X2 and P90X3 Graduate, Author, Businessman and Missionary to Peru.
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