Finishing P90X2 at last!


It was back on June 24 that I began my journey through P90X-2. As a 3-time graduate of P90X, I thought I knew what to expect but the “2” program was completely different. Lots of different moves, many off balance. Different types of stretching. Longer warm-ups, three phases, weeks long that were completely different from each other. And almost every exercise involving the core. This is week one of rest. I’ll take another, possibly two until resuming my own program – a mixture of the original P90X with its traditional stretching and heavier emphasis on weight training – and P90X2, taking from that program what I liked. But get ready! P90X-3 is coming in December!

 IMG_3574IMG_3563IMG_3571  IMG_3569 


About gregrummo

Renaissance Man, Fitness Devotee, P90X (5X), P90X2 and P90X3 Graduate, Author, Businessman and Missionary to Peru.
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